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Permanent Straightening, Smoothing & Treatment Prices

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Permanent - Japanese Method of Straightening

This service permanently re-texturizes the hair from curly, frizzy & unruly to straight, super-shiny, sleek, smooth and manageable hair. This treatment grows out, retouch can be performed from 3mths after service, average is 6 to 12 months.)
  • Short - from $550
  • Medium - from $600 to $750 to shoulder length
  • Long - from $700 to $850 below the shoulders to mid back
  • Extra long -from $900 to $1050 below mid back
*Prices will vary due to condition and thickness of hair. All straightenings include a style cut or trim & treatment (3 to 5 hour service). We now accept payment with

Regrowth for Permanent straightening - pricing is usually similar to the initial service, sometimes $50 less which is dependant on how long the actual regrowth is, except for longer hair the regrowth price will be approx $100 to $150 less if the regrowth is no more than 12-18mths.

Semi -Permanent Hair Smoothing/defrizzing - Bio-Ionic Agave Smoothing Treatment

Agave TM uses Keratin in a safe formula to hydrate, smooth, defrizz and condition hair and make it more manageable. Results last approx 12 weeks. Perfect for those who love their curls but need to tame the frizz, or clients with hair that is too overprocessed for Retex (fine overbleached hair).
  • Short - from $270
  • Medium -from $330*
  • Long - from $400*
*Prices with vary due to condition and thickness of hair. (2 -3 hour service)

Hair Repair - Nanomax Permanent Hair Repair - N Gravity

Natural Superior Protein Treatment to rebuild and hydrate the hair producing silky, super shiny results that last 5 weeks approx. Nanomax is excellent for Retexed hair or any processed hair.
  • Short to medium - $100
  • Medium to long - $100-140
(45 - 60 minute service. Hair is washed, dried, treated and ironed)
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