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Information about Hair Straightening - answers to the most often asked questions

Can all hair be straightened?

Bio Ionics Retex Permanent straightening can be performed on most hair, including coloured & bleached. It is not suitable for very fine, weak and damaged hair, these clients achieve best results with the Agave keratin smoothing and Nanomax Gravity treatments.

When is the best time to colour my hair if I'm planning to have my hair straightened ?

It is very important that no colour is applied 10 days prior to straightenings and 10 days after.
If there is a regrowth of more than approx 2cm then have the regrowth coloured prior, especially for blondes and lighter colours. Semis and tints are best left until after as the straightening does remove colour intensity, unless regrowth is larger than 2cm.

When is the best time to have my hair cut If I'm to have my hair straightened ?

A. If you are having a fair amount cut off or your ends are very split and not in good condition then prior to straightening is best. Otherwise it is best after to have a style cut as your hair sits different with straightening. A quick trim is included in the straightening price, a stylecut can be performed for an extra cost of $30.

What is the downtime with straightening and treatments?

  • Agave smoothing - no downtime or special care needed except for specific shampoo to optimize lasting ability.
  • Retex Permanent - 3 days (72hrs) hair cannot be washed, wet, clipped or tied back, no ocean or chlorine swimming for 10 days. Avoid excessive exercise for 3 days as scalp perspiration can affect results.
  • Kerasmooth - 48hrs no wash or tie back
  • Nanomax Gravity treatment - 1-2 days until washing

Do I still need to iron or blowdry my hair after semi/permanent straightening?

A. Yes, even people with naturally straight hair "style" their hair. However the amount of time and effort spent is dramatically reduced. It is highly recommended for best results to use the Bio-Ionic tools to Blowdry & Iron the hair. These are the Powerlight Hairdryer & the One Pass Straightening Iron, these are offered to Straight & Sleek clients at a special below retail price.

Do I need to use special shampoo and conditioner once I have permanent straightening ?

It is highly recommended to use the Bio Ionic range of shampoo & conditioners to keep the hair in optimum condition, the Agave range is recommended for Retex Permanent straightening & Agave Smoothing Treatments,these are offered to Straight & Sleek clients at a special price.

How often do I need to have my regrowth touched up with permanent straightening & how much does this cost?

Regrowth can be straightened once there is approx 3 months growth, or approx 3-4cm. Most clients last 6 to 9 months before they need this. It all depends on how curly & frizzy the client is at the root area & how good they are at straightening their regrowth before it starts to bother them.
The price for regrowth is the same as the initial straightening, this is because the service is identical to the first service except the product differs from the regrowth to the ends. Partial straightenings are offered for fringes, hairlines and parts at a reduced price.

Do I need to put treatments in my hair after Permanent Straightening?

All permenently straightened hair loves to be treated with the Nanomax Gravity Treatment offered at Straight & Sleek. These treatments make the hair feel unbelievably smooth and silky whilst feeding the hair protein & moisture. They are recommended every 5 weeks and take 1 hour costing $50 & $70 really long hair. The more the hair is treated with colour the more the need for Nanomax Gravity.