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Safe, formaldehyde hair straightening

What is the issue with formaldehyde?
Shortly after the excitement of Keratin Blow Out and Brazilian Blow Out hair treatments came the concern that many products used to straighten hair contain Formaldehyde.

What is formaldehyde?
Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen (cancer causing) and and extremely toxic compound - read more in this article on the dangers of formaldehyde.

Can Keratin based smoothing treatments "hide" the formaldehyde in their formulas?
Unfortunately - yes - some brands claim to be formaldehyde free and are not - this is very unregulated making it difficult for you as a client to choose a safe product. Here is an article on brands that hide formaldehyde in their hair straightening products.

Why is it included in many hair straightening treatments?
Formaldehyde is the ingredient in Keratin based treatments that relaxes the hair. Many experts believe that without formaldehyde that Keratin hair straightening is not effective.

What does Straight And Sleek use?
Straight and Sleek do not use Brazilian Blow Out of Keratin Blowout - we believe that the best and safest hair straightening products are not keratin based. For permanent hair straightening (Japanese Straightening) we use Evy Rebonding, Magic sleek & BioIonic Retex or the semi permanent Agave smoothing treatment.

Why don't more salons use the safe Bio Ionic, Retex or Japanese Hair straightening
Put simply - keratin treatments are very easy for your average hair dresser to apply and got great results in most cases. Permanent straightening is entirely different from keratin products and gives permanent results and cares for the hair BUT is not simple to use. You need certified professional to use this treatment - such as Charmaine & her staff at Straight and Sleek.