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Post treatment care for 72 hrs after EVY PROFESSIONAL Straightening

  • No washing or wetting hair
  • No clipping or tying hair up
  • No sunnies on top of head , no use of products such as hairspray
  • No hats
  • No activities which will cause the hair to have sea water spray onto hair (boating, beach walk in windy conditions etc)
  • No scalp sweating therefore minimal or no exercise
  • Please note if you choose not to wash your hair after 72hrs you still must adhere to the above post care, therefore it is best to wash your hair and enjoy your straightened hair once the 72hrs has elapsed.
  • Other:

    Must use a shower cap in shower
    If the hair is accidently wet then blowdry it and iron if necessary to make it look as it did prior to wetting.
    If hair changes from sleep etc. then iron it smooth again
    No colour or chemical services for 10 days minimum before & 14 days after
    No swimming in chlorine or salt water for minimum 14 days
    No General Aneasthetics for minimum 10 days after

    Post treatment care for Magic Sleek - permanent or semi permanent straightening or smoothing.

    There are minimal care rules for Magic Sleek : No swimming for 14 days after service. Some high lift colours require 1 week wait after service, most colours are suitable immediately, check with stylist. Magic Sleek highly recommends the use of their shampoo, conditioner and oil to look after and maintain the Magic Sleek results.